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Creative Arts Camp 2022
Caring for God's Amazing Creation!
July 11-15th, 9am-1pm

Creative Arts Camp.jpg

Throughout history, the Arts have been an important way to learn about and express our faith. Stories are passed down through songs as early as Moses and Miriam. King David danced to express his love for God. We see the stories of the Bible expressed over and over again through paintings and stained glass windows. Drama not only can teach us lessons about faith, but participating in acting on stage helps us to develop empathy which is essential in learning to "Love our neighbor as we love ourselves." 


This year, Churchland Baptist Church and Churchland Baptist Preschool are offering a VBS experience that will give children  the opportunity to bring their faith alive through the Arts. Experienced artists will lead the kids in dance, drama, art, and music and at the end of the week children will have opportunity to share what they have learned in an original production!

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