About our Preschool 

Established in 1961, Churchland Baptist Preschool is one of the oldest preschools in the area. We are proud to offer an affordable, quality preschool for all children. Churchland Baptist preschool and Kindergarten is a place where relationships between teachers and students are at the heart of the classroom.  Preschoolers can thrive in a safe environment where they will feel comfortable among the other children. Our teachers help to nurture and guide children through Christian-based education.

 Each program revolves around playful learning with age-appropriate practices.  Each week preschoolers visit resource classes such as Chapel, YOGA, STEAM, Music, and Library.

With the guidance of WEE Learn, Scholastic, and Learning without tears, we have created a theme-based curriculum that focuses on vocabulary and language skills as well as emotional readiness. All our curricula prepare children for school, regardless of when they start.

All our teachers have over 2 years of experience in working with children and meet certain skills and competencies set in order to work with children. All staff has completed and passed rigorous background checks that are required by the state.  Our teachers receive ongoing training throughout the year to comply with state and licensing standards. Our teachers are certified in CPR and First Aid.

Teachers create personalized lesson plans that are engaged and developmentally

appropriate for their class. Activities are implemented that monitor progress

and adapt to instruction. Our teachers are constantly observing and assessing

children to determine which skills children have mastered and which skills

children are developmentally ready to learn.  

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