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This class provides children with the tools needed to build routines and self-help skills all independent learners need. This class uses a hands-on approach to learning along with some teacher directed lessons. Lessons are planned for learning experiences but also model and practice critical-thinking skills that support everyday routines and choices. This class allows a more flexible approach to learning based upon each child’s development.


Early Preschool 2s & 2 1/2s

Preschool 3s-4s

 Pre-k   4-5s


The daily routines in these classes include a deliberate mixture of independent learning opportunities and teachers led learning activities planned with specific outcomes in mind for each individual child. The curriculum for these classes provides explicit instruction in early language, reading, and math skills. This class uses a multi-sensory approach to letter sounds and identification.


This class is designed to specifically engage children in the areas that will be taught in kindergarten. Teachers focus on teaching social skills through daily interactions, mentoring, and direct teaching. The use of a STEAM based approach are part of everything that happens in the classroom because the skills and knowledge in each lesson are connected to the real world. This class uses Handwriting Without Tears, an award-winning curriculum that offers multisensory strategies and materials to teach pencil grip, letter formation, and the literacy skills that are needed for print and cursive handwriting.

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